Tamiya Mini4WD Rules and Regulations

Tamiya Mini4WD Rules and Regulations


    In Tamiya’s Mini 4WD competition, competition rules are established so that you can enjoy an exciting race. This is to make competition cars, competition courses, competition contents (competition methods and manners) fair, so that we can compete under the same conditions.

    The fun of Mini 4WD is not only speed. It is important to use your head and technique to challenge how to face a variety of competition courses. At that time, these official competition rules will evoke the spirit of fair play and teach the fighting and manners appropriate for a true mini 4WD racer. This is a rule that all Mini 4WD fans should follow.

    The main race events sponsored by Tamiya also comply with this rule, but special conditions will be announced in the application requirements for each event.

    [Additional and revised information] (2022.12.09)

    [1]-6. Modification
    3. Note) Addition of sentences to unidentified cases (2022.12.09)

    About special rules
    [The 2023 Tamiya-sponsored mini 4WD official competition will continue to apply.] ] (2022.12.09)
    [1]-3. Body dimensions of the competition car
    *Roller equipment: Change the number of rollers “6” to “no limit”. (2017.12.08)
    * Rotating mass damper installation position: Changed to “no limit”. (2017.12.08)


    1.1 Competition Car Type

    Laser Mini 4WD, Mini 4WD REV, Mini 4WD PRO, Racer Mini 4WD, Super Mini 4WD, Full Cowl Mini 4WD, Aero Mini 4WD, Mighty Mini 4WD, Radio 4WD, Trucking Mini 4WD series only You can Participating car models and series may be limited depending on the competition and class.

    1.2 Competition Car Specifications

    All competition cars must be four-wheel drive. Participation with modifications to rear-wheel drive or front-wheel drive is not permitted. Please attach the body to the competition car so that it does not come off, and be sure to put a sticker on the body or paint it (Note 1). Self-made bodies are not allowed. All racing cars must be inspected. Competition cars that do not pass the vehicle inspection cannot participate. Competition cars must be assembled by the competitors themselves (Note 2). However, depending on the content of the competition, joint assembly may be permitted.

    (Note 1)
    In order to make it easier for race officials to judge whether body modifications meet the rules, vehicles that are significantly smaller or that are difficult to check for stickers or paint may not be allowed to run. In addition, cut-out margins such as clear bodies, wings only, etc. are not considered “body”.

    (Note 2)
    This does not apply to those who require assistance in daily life due to a disability or other reason.

    1.3 Body Size of Competition Car

    The body dimensions of competition cars are specified as follows. (Common to all chassis)
    Competition cars must be four-wheel drive.
    * Maximum width: 105 mm or less
    * Overall height: 70 mm or less
    * Total length: 165 mm or less
    * Minimum ground clearance: 1 mm or more
    * Minimum weight of all equipment: 90 g or more (including battery and motor)
    * Tire dimensions: Both front and rear wheels, diameter: 22 ~ 35mm Width: 8-26mm (Be sure to install tires)
    * Roller equipment [Special rule]: Number limit from “6” to “no limit” (will continue to apply in 2023).
    * Mass damper: The mounting position of the rotating mass damper weight should be within the line connecting the central axes of the front and rear guide rollers.

    *Mass damper [Special rule]: Along with the change in the number of rollers, there will be no restrictions on the mounting position of the rotating mass damper (will continue to apply in 2023).

    *There are the following regulations regarding the mounting position of the parts to be mounted on the vehicle body. ・Do not enter between the outer edge of the tire

    and between the center axis of the front wheel and the rear end of the front wheel.
    ・Do not enter between the center axis of the rear wheel and the front end of the rear wheel.

    The outermost part of the
    *The prism part in the figure corresponds to the regulation part.

    However, bodies are not subject to this regulation.
    Also, there are no restrictions on parts that are attached only to the body, such as high mount rollers, as long as they are positioned higher than the center axis of the tire.

    1.4 Motor

    For the competition car,
    you can use various “Mini 4WD PRO exclusive motors” in addition to the normal motor included in the kit for the MA chassis and MS chassis for running.
    ・Other chassis can use Torque Tune 2, Rev Tune 2, Atomic Tune 2, Light Dash, Hyper Dash 3, Power Dash, and Sprint Dash motors in addition to the normal motor included in the kit. (Torque Tune, Rev Tune, Atomic Tune, Hyper Mini, Hyper Dash 2 motors are also permitted.)

    1. Other Tamiya motors may be permitted depending on the competition.
    2. In competitions and classes with speed limits, even if you comply with the above regulations, if you exceed the speed limit, you cannot use it.
    3. Unauthorized modification of the motor, such as disassembling it to change the number of windings, is not permitted.
    4. Any traces of cup removal on the motor claws are considered tampering.

    1.5 Battery

    Use two commercially available Tamiya AA batteries for the power source. (Batteries other than Tamiya cannot be used.) * Only Tamiya alkaline batteries can be used for the radio 4WD series and TR-1 chassis. Also, for safety reasons, batteries with torn battery labels cannot be used. Depending on the competition, the batteries that can be used may be limited, or batteries other than Tamiya may be used.

    1.6 Modification

    When modifying a competition car, the following regulations apply. However, modifications not included here will be decided to participate at the discretion of the organizer.

    1. Processing of the chassis is permitted only if additional work such as drilling or cutting is applied to the original shape. The use of self-made chassis is not permitted.
    2. Only Tamiya Mini 4WD, Radio 4WD and Dangun parts are allowed as additional parts.
    3. Processing of parts is permitted only if additional work is applied to the original shape, such as drilling or cutting. (Note 1)
    (Note 1) However, it is necessary to be able to identify the original shape.
    Unacceptable cases
    ・Processing of carbon plates, FRP plates, and metal parts into external shapes that differ from the “original contours”. (Including processing into shaft/pin shape and roller shape.)
    ・Use other than the specified combination of rollers (attach a plastic ring other than a roller with a plastic ring, replace the plastic ring of the plastic ring roller, etc.)
    ・HG aluminum setting board, Modifications to attach setting gauges and pinion pullers to competition cars (added on 2022.12.09)

    Cases that can be identified (same as before revision)
    ・Cutting to the extent that the “original contour” remains, such as simple cutting, enlarging mounting holes and additional processing .
    ・Drilling and coloring on the upper surface of the roller.
    • Tire cutting and processing.
    (However, changing the material of the surface is not permitted. Also, when combining tires of different sizes or materials, please be careful not to separate the tires.)
    ・Use of various motor parts (motor disassembly is recommended) not a thing.)

    4. Modifications to gears are permitted only for drilling or machining to reduce weight and incorporating bearings. It is necessary to use the drive gear in the specified combination.
    * The pinion gear for the motor is also determined by the chassis.
    5. Use the battery receiving bracket that comes with the kit or upgrade parts according to the instructions. Modifications such as soldering or double metal fittings are not permitted.
    6. Modifications that may damage the course or hands, or that may cause grease to splatter from the chassis and stain the course are not permitted.
    7. Tire processing is allowed to change the shape within the specified dimensions. However, if the wheel touches the course or the material of the tire surface is changed, it is not permitted.

    2. Competition Course

    If the following course regulations are met and approved by Tamiya, the competition record will be recognized as an official course. All competitions and records on the original course that do not meet the course regulations will be unofficial.

    • Course width: 115mm (dimension of one lane in a straight line)
    • Course fence height: 50mm (dimension from the road surface)
    • Partial width and height for smoother running such as lane changes and bank corners is allowed to change.

    3. Competition on an Official Course

    1. The start of the race shall be by signal such as the starter or the start signal. Athletes turn on the switch, hold the racing car with the wheels spinning in one hand, and at the same time as the signal, bring the racing car to the ground and start. In addition, it is not allowed to start while pushing in the direction of travel with your hand.
    2. If a competing car goes off the track or falls during the race, if the competing car crosses the course fence and enters another lane, or if the body of the competing car comes off during the race, it will be retired on the spot and the race will be terminated. cannot return to
    3. If the race official judges that there is a risk that another car will overtake in the same lane and hinder the running of the following car, it will be retired.
    4. The goal is the moment the car reaches the finish line.
    5. Qualifying and final rankings will be determined by order of finish or time. If a decision cannot be made based on the above, the decision shall be made by the organizer.

    4. Body Inspection (Vehicle Inspection)

    1. All competition cars must undergo a body inspection before the race, and if there are any parts that violate the regulations, they will not be able to participate in the race unless they are corrected.
    2. No modification or setting change is allowed for the competition car that has passed the vehicle inspection after the vehicle inspection and before participating in the race.
    3. Re-inspection shall be conducted at any time during the race. If a re-inspection reveals any part that violates regulations, it will be deemed that unauthorized modification has been made, all race records up to that point will be invalidated, and unless the part in violation is corrected, you will not be able to participate in the race. .
    4. In the event that the competition car violates the regulations in the vehicle inspection and cannot be corrected, if the competitor wishes, he/she will be allowed to participate in the qualifying only as a reference record, but the record will be invalid.

    5. Disqualification

    Vehicles and competitors that meet the following criteria will be disqualified at the discretion of the competition officials. Please learn manners suitable for mini 4WD racers.

    1. If it is determined that the modification may damage other cars or hands, or damage the course.
    2. If it is determined that the car has been modified to intentionally interfere with the running of other cars.
    3. When it is judged that there is a risk of making the course condition worse by depositing grease etc. on the course.
    4. If you participate in the race after making modifications that violate regulations after the vehicle inspection.
    5. Interfering with other cars or the course during the race.
    6. Disobeying the instructions of race officials and obstructing the operation of the race.
    7. Flying start or starting by pushing the competition car by hand.
    8. In addition, if there is an act that goes against the spirit of fair play and causes discomfort to other race participants.
    Reference) Regarding manners at the event venue

    6. Regarding Race Management

    1. Athletes can file an objection against the judgment of the competition they participated in. However, it must be done before the next competition starts.
    2. Some races may adopt special rules at the discretion of the organiser.

    7. Participation Restrictions

    1. Please note that depending on the content of the competition, you may not be able to participate in the race due to reasons such as age.
    2. Except for endurance races, two or more people are not allowed to use the same race car together.

    8. Pre-registration for Official Competitions

    If you wish to participate in a mini 4WD official competition, as a general rule, you will need to apply in advance from the “Advance application form”.
    However, depending on the class setting and competition, there may be cases where advance registration is not required and participation is accepted on the day of the event. In this case, it will be described separately in the application requirements.

    When using the advance application (hereinafter referred to as the application system), please confirm and agree to the following terms of use.
    1. Tamiya strives to ensure the continuity and accuracy of the content posted in the application system and to ensure smooth operation, but we are not responsible for any damages, troubles, or disadvantages, such as 1-1 below. will do.
    1-1 ・Damage or disadvantage caused by the player using or not being able to use the application system ・Disruption of communication lines, terminal equipment, etc., interruption of service due to excessive access, player’s PC or terminal Loss or damage of data caused by equipment, or damage or disadvantage caused by malfunction in the application system.

    2. When using the application system, if the following 2-1 is confirmed as an example of the applicable act and the organizer determines that it is necessary, the person concerned will be prohibited from doing so without giving any advance notice or notice to the athlete. We shall be able to take measures such as suspension of provision of this service to, deletion, prohibition from participation in competitions.
    2-1 ・If winning information in the application system is transferred to a third party, or if it is confirmed that the winning information is used for commercial purposes or for the purpose of preparing for it.・In the event that any other act deemed inappropriate by the organizer is confirmed

    . When we disclose information about the application system, we will notify you each time through the official website and system functions.

    4. When using the application system, please use it with morals and moderation so that as many players as possible can enjoy the race event.

    5. If you are a minor, please use the application system after obtaining permission from your parent.

    9. Disclaimer for Mini 4WD Events Hosted by Tamiya

    At the Mini 4WD event (hereinafter “Mini 4WD event”) hosted by Tamiya (hereinafter “organizer”), the following disclaimers are established.
    We will strive to ensure the smooth holding and operation of the Mini 4WD event and the safety and security of participating players, but participating players and parents or attendants should understand and acknowledge the following disclaimer before participating. .

    1. At the discretion of the organizer, the holding of the Mini 4WD event may be canceled due to weather or other circumstances.

    2. Please note that the organizer will not be responsible for any accidents, injuries, illnesses, etc. that occur during the Mini 4WD event period.
    Participating athletes and their guardians or attendants are responsible for purchasing insurance.

    Participation in the official competition (hereinafter referred to as “race”) at the organizer’s Mini 4WD event will be completed when the machine enters the first qualifying round.

    If a paid race requiring payment of an entry fee is cancelled, we will not be able to refund or compensate for the entry fee paid to the organizer.
    If a paid race is canceled due to weather or other circumstances, the participation fee will be refunded only to the athletes who have not completed their participation. We can not do.

    races that do not require an entry fee are canceled due to weather or other circumstances, we will not be able to compensate the athletes.

    4. Valuables are the responsibility of the player, and the organizer is not responsible for any theft or loss that occurs at the venue of the Mini 4WD event.

    5. We will not be responsible for accidents, injuries, illnesses, etc. during the outbound / return journey when participating in the Mini 4WD event.

    6. The organizer reserves the right to make corrections, corrections, additions, suspensions, deletions, etc. to this site or information posted on the site at any time without notice.

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