Playground Tamiya Mini4WD Rules and Regulations


  1. Tamiya Official Mini 4WD rules and regulation applies for open class. Tamiya Mini4wd Rules and Regulations
  2. B-Max rules and regulation applies for b-max class, please refer to B-MAX GP Race Regulation Ver 2.0 for more information.
  3. Racers caught violating the rules and regulations for respective classes will be penalized by the race officials.
  4. Racers are required to participate with tickets under their own name. Sharing of tickets is not allowed, racers caught sharing tickets will be disqualified
  5. Racer will retire from the round if their car leaves the track, flips over, jumps into another lane and/or causes collision.
  6. When a collision happens, the car causing the collision will be retired. If the car in the rightful lane that was collided is still in its original lane and able to continue running, the car shall resume to complete the round.
  7. Cars will be retired when blocking the progression of faster cars or when being lapped by the leading car.
  8. No testing of cars between matches will be allowed.
  9. Testing of cars between rounds may be allowed from time to time which will be announced by race officials. Please be mindful to form a line and test your car using the starter. This is to ensure that everyone gets their uninterrupted runs and to prevent unnecessary collisions which may occur. 
  10. There will be a countdown timer for matches starting from knockout rounds. Countdown timer will start when the racers’ names are called. Racers are required to start their machine and place it in the starter box before the countdown timer ends. Failure to do so will result in the racer forfeiting their slot. No appeal will be entertained so please be mindful to get ready between matches!
  11. Racers are required to be aware of their starting lane, starting and completing at the wrong lane will not be awarded with a slot.
  12. Racer caught cutting the queue will be asked to move to the back of the queue, let’s keep the qualifying round fair and equal for all.
  13. Please be mindful of the amount of oil on the car, if the racer’s car is found to be exceptionally oily where the base of the car is covered in oil or oil is dripping from the chassis, the racer will be disqualified until the car is cleaned.
  14. Store credits will expire 3 weeks from the date of race. Any unclaimed prizes will be forfeited.
  15. Race officials reserve the right to apply additional rules to maintain a safe racing environment and allow for equal racing.
  16. Race officials’ decision is final.


The Playground Additional Rules (Open and B-Max class)

  1. Please take note that only the following mentioned batteries are allowed to be used in The Playground League Race series, 
    • (Recommended) Tamiya 15420 Mini 4WD AA Ni-MH battery Neo Champ
    • (Recommended) Fujitsu Pink 1.2V Lightweight Rechargeable AA Batteries (Typ.1000mAh)
    • Fujitsu White 1.2V Rechargeable AA Batteries (Typ.2000mAh)
    • Fujitsu Black 1.2V High-Cap Rechargeable AA Batteries (Typ.2550mAh)
    • Fujitsu PREMIUM Alkaline batteries AA
    • Fujitsu Universal Power Alkaline batteries AA 
    • Others, please check with our race officials to avoid disappointment.